Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our name and our shiny new logo

Our name and our shiny new logo 

 Many folks have asked why the name? Did you spell a word wrong? Well, here it is:

The core meaning of the word "Assent" is the expression of approval or agreement. In the technology world, as a new idea starts to take off, it rides up the adoption curve towards acceptance as the idea gains assent from a larger and larger audience who are buying-in to the concept or buying the literal product. Eventually it will ascend the curve to industry acceptance and a successful idea has come to full fruition.

Thanks to the generous, insightful and creative geniuses at Circle Design Inc, we have an amazing new logo that fits our personality to a tee. AssentWorks is where ideas are enabled, where buy-in starts as a first, rough prototype of the idea is established, allowing the journey along the curve to start.

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Our grand opening is just around the corner in October and after the first wave of new member in-takes we're going to host an open house. Come down, tour the space, meet some of the founding sponsors and members and see some really cool projects and business products that our members have already built right here in Manitoba!

Space is limited!
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