Friday, August 26, 2011

AssentWorks – Making a MakerSpace

What exactly is AssentWorks?

AssentWorks is a non-profit prototyping facilitity founded to provide Manitoba a competitive business capability, increasing innovation across the province along with our industry partners.

AssentWorks provides an accessible environment in terms of people, equipment and space that supports the creative process as well as personal and business growth. In our space you’ll find people into rapid prototyping and 3D printing, embedded system design, woodworking, metalworking and creative disciplines. Our combined passions create numerous opportunities for collaborative projects to be developed, mentorship and skills transfer to occur and new ideas to be fostered into successful ventures, be it in business or the community.


Come help build your community of makers, inventors and creative minds!

Our grand opening is coming fast and we need to get AssentWorks built, prepped and populated with cool equipment before that day arrives. In order to get this achieved, we need the help of the community and most importantly, you!

As of Aug 30th, we're going to be doing build nights on Tuesdays and Thursday at the space from 5pm till 10pm and Saturdays 10am - 5pm (or later) every week through September. 

Over the next few weeks, we have several dozen activities that need to be completed including:
Space Renovations:
  • Electrical, HVAC, Insulation Inspections
  • Security camera / Alarm system upgrades
  • Lighting & Life Safety upgrades

Equipment Setup:
  • Price Checking & Purchasing Assistance
  • CNC / Router / Laser Cutter / 3D Printer Setups
  • Wood / Metal / Electrical Equipment built, install and test
Membership & Sponsorship Assistance:
  • Input for membership policies & contracts
  • Sponsorship Contact
Marketing / Design:
  • Social Media Updates
  • Site content
  • Signage for space

Thanks to our supporters!
A big thanks to the organizations that have pitched in, provided support and some great advisement regarding the development activities this month, including: Aquaventronics, Circle Design Incorporated, Duxton Windows, Economic Development Winnipeg / YES! Winnipeg, The Eureka Project, John Vukelic, Mike Fagundes, Kyle Lenton, Kerry Stevenson (Editor of Fabbaloo)Seccuris, SkullSpace and Technology Revolution.(Sorry to the folks I missed!)

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