Friday, May 3, 2013

It’s crowded in here at the Raspberry Pi party!

Kerry Stevenson, founder of AssentWorks said it well "Tons of interested folks at every level of experience". Some folks talked about using a Raspberry Pi for bitcoin mining, running a home iPBX and a car platform based on the Pi and Arduino+Pi. New AssentWorks member, William Franzin explained the set-up. "The setup is using the Arduino as a low-level controller to control the power to the Pi, connected via GPIO and TTL serial, also USB. This allows both boards to share control, and even can have the Pi reflash the low-level controller (Arduino) with software updates". Others brought their children. I think they learned something new. The event was initiated by William Franzin and hosted by Robert Elms.

AssentWorks had over 30 Pis, 6 starter kits, a few dev shields, LCDs, power supplies as well as Arduino boards available for purchase at cost at the party.

That was a unique Pi-zza Party. I am not sure if the pizza was satisfying but I would suspect the Pi was.
If you want to see one for yourself, visit us on a Tuesday night open house. 6 PM. AssentWorks, 3rd Flr, 125 Adelaide Street.

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