Thursday, March 14, 2013

It Happened So Fast!

What can happen when two people with different but complimentary skills meet? In this case, a new business. And that is exactly what happened with AssentWorks members: David Bernhardt and Aaron Guppy.

In less than two months ago, while touring AssentWorks, Aaron Guppy saw David Bernhardt's outstanding work of signage illuminating the front entrance. Key design elements of that sign started Aaron thinking of ways to develop a line of decor products. Two weeks later he joined AssentWorks, and immediately sought out the creator of that sign. When they met, it's no surprise that the two kindred spirits talked for hours, because, what Aaron couldn't have known was that, David had also been quietly working on some very similar product ideas. A week later they formalized a partnership and started designing and making prototypes. They approached a local manufacturer and made an agreement to have their products made here, in Manitoba -  products which they'll sell across the country (and beyond?).

So, at AssentWorks, in a month and a half, two people who hadn't met previously, have turned an idea into a named, registered company with a logo, business model, marketing strategy, and manufacturing capacity for home/office decor products. They'll be premiering real samples of those products at the Home Show this weekend (March 15-17)  in a walled, display booth that they built themselves; at AssentWorks of course.

NEXTSTYLE, the first fully-conceived and gestated offspring of the great dream that the members of AssentWorks and each of our supporters, like you, have been striving to facilitate, will take its initial breath at the Home Show, this weekend.

What's most exciting is that this is just the first of many businesses their chemistry has the potential to produce. How many more businesses are waiting to be developed? I don't know. What I do know is that about 150 prototypes were built at AssentWorks so far. It is possible. It happened with NextStyle Architectural Finishes.

Visit us for a Open House. Every Tuesday night. 6 - 8 PM. 3rd Floor, 125 Adelaide St. Exchange District. Winnipeg. AssentWorks and Ramp-Up Manitoba.

Contributor: Robert Elms, Members Council Chairman, AssentWorks

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