Sunday, January 27, 2013

We're half way to a brand new AssentWorks!

IT REALLY IS like starting all over again.

Michael Legary, Chairman of AssentWorks said it well:
“As many of you already know, January has been an exciting month at AssentWorks.

“We have expanded from 4400 to 8800 square feet and have laid all the plans to execute Phase 2 of the AssentWorks facility. We're going from the ability to make rough prototypes to a facility that can create complete finished prototypes AND also facilitate the creation of the actual businesses that surround them, thanks to Ramp Up Manitoba (RUM).”

“The capabilities and facility we (you) are building will be a first for a non-profit, community accessible, 100% volunteer ran organization in North America and potentially anywhere in the world.”

“First off, a super big thanks to everyone who has helped out over the past month to get the space to where it is! “

“A huge thank-you to all of our corporate sponsors, with a special thanks to High Speed Crow, Bryan King and his amazing staff who have donated massive amounts of labour to help get the space looking awesome.”

“It has been a pretty tough slug through the holidays, but we're approaching the half way mark for the renos. The first big push of getting the space shaped for new capabilities and equipment has been completed. “

“Over the next two months, we need to prep the space, configure several new large pieces of donated equipment (Including the 7 axis CNC, a new 3D Full Colour printer, 150W laser cutter and much more) and raise additional funds to finalize the complete Phase 2 build.”

“For many of us it feels like starting all over again. In reality IT REALLY IS like starting all over again. Lots to do and lots of great things to come out of it for our busy Manitoban business and inventor community.”

If you want to be part of this community effort we will be coordinated volunteer times on Saturdays 10am - 3pm as well as Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:30-9pm.

If you're available during any time slot,  you can drop by the space and help out with something that fits your skill set. Interested in learning a new skill or being the first to tackle a new machine? Come on down!

3rd Floor, 125 Adelaide Street, Exchange District.

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  1. Robert and I really enjoyed our visit last night. I liked the facilities but I loved the atmosphere and attitude of the folks involved.